Half a NaNo?

Last week, I found myself behind on my word count for NaNo.  The kids were at my house and they had a lot to do and talk about.  No biggie, I thought.  I can catch up.

Apparently, catching up for me is impossible.  As it stands, I have just under 10,000 words when I should have 20,000.  The problem?  I hurt.  I’ve had issues with my wrists for a few years now.  I wear braces, do exercises and stretches and try to vary my activities that involve wrist/finger movements.  Some days things are fine, others its not.  With weather shifting over to cold  (even though we have had above normal temps) and the barometer dropping I have more issues in cooler months than warmer ones.

I typed out over 3400 words on Saturday, writing about 500 or so at a time and then taking a break.  Sunday, I took most of the day off except for about 700 words.  Monday I made it through about 2200 before I hit the sack.  Tuesday was only about 1700 but Wednesday told me that I would do no writing for this day.  Thursday was worse, I had the day off and guess what?  No words.

So I sit here today contemplating torturing myself and pushing beyond that I-Want-to-Gnaw-My-Hands-Off achy hurty feeling or feel successful by not being able to use my hands But-Did-Finish-NaNo.  No brainer hunh?

Thursday I did research for my In Situ project (due November 30) and some 20Spec things too. I also played around with a new toy that I think will be very helpful in my writing.  I can’t wait to keep working with it!

So perhaps 50,000 was a bit too much for me again this year.  I do however want to get as high as I can with this project this month so going to try for at least half a NaNo or 25,000 words.  I’m already almost half way there. lol

See you soon.


6 responses to “Half a NaNo?

    • It’s my own darn fault for thinking I could do all of this frantic typing for several days at a time. Maybe I will learn for next year. Thanks 😀


  1. Man, I have an issue with my index finger on my right hand. I used to type with it most of the time and now it hurts. Now, I’ve learned to a degree to manage with around 6 to 8 fingers, but I sometimes fall back to using just that one finger and it hurts as heck. I wish that you don’t hurt… Do you wear wrist-bands as well?


    • Yep supportive bands during the day and a hard brace to wear at night. Some days are okay others are torture. No insurance means I’m just going to have to wait it out a while. 😦

      Thanks and I hope your fingers don’t bother you too much!


      • Man, that sucks. My wrist hurts sometimes, because I have no surface upon which to rest it and that strains it.

        The finger tip is over sensitive from all the typing, so I need to spread the activity to others as well.


        • One of my co-workers from my previous job typed with only two fingers. I can say I was often impolite in staring at the way he typed. I hope you can transition yourself to typing with other fingers. do try the wrist supports though even if you don’t have a surface for your wrists. They help keep your hands in a neutral position which helps relieve pain.


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