What does not kill you…

This time last year, I was stuck in a job with no future and no way out.  I had been wrangled into a sales position for the newspaper that I worked for.  It was a horrid situation.  All of us know of the rotten economy but I was literally trying to force my way into an over saturated market with only a few places willing to do any kind of advertising.  I had little training and even less support.  But I went out every day and learned important lessons for the future.

Fast forward to today.  While not working in sales any longer I can still use the information I learned in that position in what I do today.  Especially when I am asked to head up the Apex Buzz group.  Apex Buzz was started as a touchstone for the Apex Minions to spread the word about all things Apex.  But it was strangely quiet in Twitterland, so I started doing some prodding and that led to a conversation last week.

Apparently (as some of my friends already know) I do not take hints well, the same way some types of humor leaves me scratching my head while everyone else around me is laughing. But anyway, if you want/need me to do something, just ask outright, deciphering social graces are not always my strongest point.

Poor Jason at Apex actually had to ask if I’d head up the Buzz group for a while or if I wanted the position was mine.  Unbeknown to me, I had two people speak very highly of me:  Miss JaymGates and MG Ellington. I am very humbled that they have said such good things.  As I spoke to Jason, I found that the things that I hated about my sales job at the paper was the exact things I am going to use in the Buzz position.

I think my previous job in the sales market is going to be put into some good use here.

I hated that job, but you know the saying about what does not kill you…


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