It all adds up

I read a post this morning on Learning to say no by Adam Israel and I wondered exactly how much time I am planning on dishing out for writing, and other things over these winter months.

30 hours a week -First of all the job- I do get bankers holidays off

5 hours a week minimum Driving (does not include driving for kid related things)

8 hours Apex stuff (usually weekends and odd and end hours during work)

3 hours for #UFchat

4 hours (may be more in the future) Dagan related stuff

5 hours blog (got to get back to it) One post a day starting next week

50 hours or so for sleep (usually more)

3 hours eating/housekeeping

5 hours exercise (walking for 45 minutes – 1hour a day)

right there is about 104 hours in a 168 hour week.  So what happens with my other 60 hours?

Well I can probably chop half of that on the weeks when the kids are home.  Even though they are almost teenagers, they still take up a lot of time and effort.  But that is every other week.

The rest of it is writing, creating, research, wandering and reading.

Some weeks it seems like I don’t get a lot done, but when you look at the pile of notes I have taken and the stack of books and short stories, I know that I have at least accomplished something even if it is invisible.

Thanks for reading.


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