Thanksgiving with my family

Holidays are always a crazy time of year for my family.  Having to balance my family, the x’s family, my parents, grandparents and work kind of leaves me with a spinning head.  Turkey day was no exception.

The X asked me to pick up the kids a bit early so we headed on down to my grandparents.  I am always thankful that their house is large enough to host such dinners.  All total there are 10 families with people ranging from 80 to 2.  Fifty people crowded into a small space isn’t pleasant, we have done it before but Grandma’s house is okay.  It is even better if the weather is nice so that we can kick the kids outside. Unfortunately, it was a typical pre-winter holiday- rain/sleet/snow/ice nasty mix.

It is kind of nice getting there early as Grandma always has some stories to tell. Now I can’t remember all of the people she talks about, I probably haven’t seen most of them since I was little, but I listen and nod in the appropriate places. Then she started talking about her adventures cooking the day before.

Now, you have to realize that when my family plans a dinner, we cook.  Well not just cook, but COOK.  We don’t do frozen, out of the box, store or fast food bought dinners. (not very often anyway) Everyone brings a dish, crockpot, or desert.  Some of this requires more than one day of cooking, such as my Grandma’s sugar cookies, pies and cakes.  Other parts of the meal, such as turkeys or hams, require getting up at O’dark thirty to put the meat in.  Some, you get up at your normal time and toss it together.

Grandma was finishing up the rolls as she was talking about her angel food cake she had made the day before.  Grandma makes one for every dinner.  Many of us like it and there is little for the kids to take home.  But this year, the cake was a bit… different.

At 80 years old, my Grandma isn’t quite as spry as what she used to be.  She used to do the angel food cakes by hand, but has found that a box mix works just as well and doesn’t taste any different. So Wednesday, she mixed it up, put it in the pan and set it in the oven to bake. She puts a post-it note on the oven so she knows what time she put it in (her timer on the stove doesn’t work.) When the cake was done, she put it upside down on a glass soda bottle and went to the sink to finish up her dishes.

“PHUMP,” something behind her fell.  When she looked back, the angel food cake had fell out of the pan and was sliding down the bottle!

Now I’ve never had that happen and apparently Grandma hadn’t either.  She salvaged the cake, though it was not as fluffy as usual.

The rest of the family is doing okay or at least seemed to be okay.  Grandpa isn’t moving as fast as he was the last time I saw him.  He sat most of the day and most of the guys hung out in the living room with him.  My cousins’ kids are getting bigger and it is amazing to see how tall my nephews are now.

I’m still stuffed and sleepy, it was hard to wake up this morning.  I think I’ll make a turkey (a small one) for me and the boys this weekend that way I won’t have to cook much this week.


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