Shapes in the fog

When you start a story for an anthology, I often have a vague idea of who the MC is and what happens in the story.  At times it is like seeing a shape in the fog and trying to get close enough to see if it is a tree stump or a person.  Research and drafts start to clear away the haze until you have what you want.

I finished and submitted my In Situ story last week. Very proud of myself that I had it subbed before deadline – even though I started it so late.  The ending, once I had it, surprised me. I like that, because if it was not obvious to me what happens, it will not be obvious to the reader.  I am anxiously awaiting news on it.

My next project is for the #20spec anthology. I thought I knew who the MC was. I had the story in my head, but nothing was fitting quite right. Strangely, my POV shifted to another character, and BAM! everything fit.  The focus of the story is the same, however, the POV is another character. I think it will be shorter than expected, but will have a greater emotional impact. Once I have it written, we shall see.

Thanks for reading!


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