Tough to crack

I’m not sure how my #20spec story is going to turn out.  I have been researching information diligently for about 2 weeks now and the story just isn’t coming along nicely like some of the other “themed” anthology pieces I have tried.

Usually when I try to write for a themed anthology I have an idea that I want to work with. It might be pretty vague such as a single object or point of view.  The focus of the story usually changes but I rarely start out blind with anything.

The next step is research. Since the #20spec anthology is based on the “Roaring 20s” you would think this would be pretty easy. Besides the obvious subjects of bootleggers, flappers, prohibition, and gangsters, there was a lot going on at that time in the US and around the world.  What I thought would take a few nights and I would bag a first draft.

Apparently my mind has other ideas.

No less than six ideas are still bouncing in my head now.  They are little things, like the decline of farming, reduction of rural areas, the expansion of urban sprawl that are trying to all come together in about 4,000 words.  The thing is, its not fitting together well. Just under 1,000 words last night and I have at least a start on the story.

I hope it gets better from here.



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