My f*cktacular Christmas Eve

And a bah Humbug to ya!

yea that is the kind of mood I am in today even though it is Christmas Eve.  You see, the other day when I finally got into the Christmas spirit, I’ve had a few days of slapdowns and today just took the cake on all of it.

Since I was being nice, I told the x that if he wanted the kids for a while longer on Christmas Eve or even Christmas morning that would be okay with me. (The boys switch houses on Fridays so I have them a week and their dad has them a week.) The boys (or their dad) hadn’t made a decision at the middle of the week when I called, so I wasn’t surprised when the x called this morning and said the boys wanted to stay with him until 8.  No big deal that was fine… So I planned out my day including wrapping presents and cleaning.

So in the middle of wrapping my mom calls.  Says they are having Christmas at her house Sunday… okay WTF?  Am I supposed to get gifts for one of the nephews?  Mom says that my sisters and brothers decided and she didn’t know. So I call my younger sister. Since I had not been at my Grandparent’s house on the 18th for Christmas, I had no idea what was decided about my parent’s Christmas.

I have probably mentioned that of the four of us, all four of us are separated/divorced fro our 1st round of spouses.  And, since everyone has kids, the logistics of getting all the kids together and the grandkids can be complicated.  Luckily my x is pretty reasonable about holidays and lets me have the kids since his family doesn’t do much.

However, I do need to know when and where we are doing things.

My sisters and brother decided on Christmas, what they were going to do, when it was going to be, and how things were going to be done. Mom was informed of this decision on Tues.  I was informed of Sunday’s plans today…

I have not bought gifts for my parents. With my limited budget, I bought for them first (and paid bills). Since I had heard nothing about plans I supposed that we would not be having Christmas until the next weekend, after I got my next paycheck.  The news today, changed that.

I did not plan on going out today. I hate Christmas Eve shopping.  The roads were not the best since it iced and snowed this morning.I had even done all the grocery shopping I would need for a few days yesterday.

…. yea.

I got pissed.  Sister assumed that Mom was psychic and automatically knew what was going on.  Sister also assumed that mom had all sorts of time to call me or leave a note.  Sister also said she didn’t have my phone number. (which is know is BS since her KIDS have it and her boys have my kid’s cell #s) She is one of my friends on FB so she could have left a message there too…

I should be used to it by now.  The last person to be told things that while not always necessary, might keep me from looking like an idiot when I do see my family.  (and they wonder why I have to spend 2/3 of the time figuring out all the news instead of socializing)

I hate being blindsided. Today was one.

On top of that, I had things ready for the boys at 8.  x said that he would bring them by at that time.  at 8:30 I went ahead and made myself a plate of food.  I was hungry.  9 no kids.  So I called the x. He said he was running late, that he would bring the boys in a half an hour.  At 10 they finally arrived.



Fucking Merry Christmas


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