Wednesday Shout outs

I am going to try to make Wednesdays my Shout Out days beginning next year.

The Reason?  There are a lot of great people, companies, and opportunities that just don’t get enough attention.  This is my way of helping out with promotions and people that I admire and enjoy.

First off:

Apex Book Club – Do you enjoy talking about what you read?  Do you enjoy Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror?  Then this is the place for you! Apex Book Company will have a discussion on one book each month.  For January, Dark Faith edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon.  Come join us for a wonderful discussion. We promise no spoilers until after the 15th!

Next is a project I was involved in, though I didn’t shout it out here.  #12Days2010 It is the brain child of Jim Bronyaur.  Last year he asked writers to write on one of the 12 days of Christmas themes and had so much fun with it, he decided to do it again.  My story is on day 3, Hard Decisions.  Go read them all!

Last but not least I have some good friends that are having some rough times.  If you wouldn’t mind stopping over at their blogs to just give a bit of encouragement, keep them in your thoughts or if you can, donate a few dollars. I would be very grateful.

Bryan Thomas


Thanks everyone for the wonderful year and hope 2011 will be better for all!


2 responses to “Wednesday Shout outs

  1. Aw, thanks Lady. Hubs and I appreciate that. You’re a sweety that’s for sure.

    We’re going under hard here. Two weeks-D Day. Our 36th anniversary is the 17th, should be interesting. Oh well, c’est la vie. Can’t say we didn’t try, right?


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