The Domino Effect

On Twitter today I heard @Inkhaven say that a choice a year ago changed her life. That got me thinking about the domino effect.  How one little choice, one event, has such a huge effect on someone’s life.

A big one for me happened only a few months ago when, after months of kind of lurking on Twitter, I became involve in the publishing world.

First, I offered to become an eBook assistant for Apex Book Company. Then a few months later, I became head of the Buzz group. What I am learning is more valuable than the potential pay I could earn somewhere.  Learning the ins and outs of formatting and coordinating tweets and facebook posts with things that go on with the Apex crew will be things I will probably be glad to know later on.  I am eager to learn more and hope to have a long career with Apex.

Next I became involved in #UFchat, a weekly tweetchat that happens every Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. cst.  We talk about Urban Fantasy aspects in writing and meet some of the authors who write it.  @InkGypsy in the head and she made me co-mod officially on the 18th.

After hearing another friend who was working incredibly long hours and trying to publish an anthology along with husband and kid, I offered myself as a minion.  My offer was taken by @Inkedhistorian and she put me to work reading slush for the In Situ anthology for Dagan Books. As an intern there I am sure I will learn more about anthologies.  I will always remember Carrie’s comment on Twitter about my slush reading abilities: It was something about me being far pickier than she expected and that was a very good thing.

Along the way I have joined in other chats including #zinechat, #steampunkchat, #sifichat, #litchat and others.  Sometimes I listen and others I join right in.  But another I sort of fell into was #sffwrtcht. Science Fiction Fantasy Writer’s Chat is held every Wednesday at 8 p.m. and is hosted by BryanThomasS. We have a great schedule of guests lined up, writers, editors, podcasters, etc. right up until the end of March.  Very excited!

Just as an experiment, I started my own chat one afternoon. #rdmwrtdisc or Random Writing Discussion was just a way to pass the time. And pass it did.  3 hours in fact covering all sorts of topics all random without any script of where we wanted it to go. It was great fun.  I tried it again this week, but idiot me used the wrong hashtag.  Not quite as engaging but still interesting.

And this is just the beginning.  I have people asking me for advice on manuscripts, talking out ideas with other writers, being included in future plans…

I just have to be careful that I don’t over extend myself, because it would be so very easy to have nothing but a pile of dominoes. 😀

Thanks to all of my friends who have pushed, shoved, and encouraged me to take my first steps into writing and publishing.  It is a grand adventure, so feel free to share your experiences.



3 responses to “The Domino Effect

  1. You’ve done very well and made a lot of progress. Keep ‘er going. Just don’t forget to also write! lol I don’t know about you but, sometimes, I get distracted by all the ‘other’ things I’m doing that involve writing but actually take away from my writing time itself. How do you deal with that being this busy?


    • I have time to write. Solely because I have a job that, when I am not busy, allows me to use that time for other things. Mainly, writing. I also only have my kids every other week, so that makes a huge difference too. My boys are older and don’t require as much care (but I think they require more attention) and can pick up the house chores. Weeks they are not here, I don’t make much of a mess so not difficult to keep things going.

      Really there are times I want the distraction. Sometimes a story has to sit for a while before it gets sorted. By not thinking of it, I can let it do its thing.

      And really there is a huge difference (for me at least) in what I was writing this time last year and what I am writing now. I am learning so much and all because I volunteered some time.

      It is really a great thing.


  2. I want to become more involved in events and the community too. I think I’ll learn a lot, just as you’ve outlined. I don’t dare to commit to anything right now but, once things settle, then I’ll be able to commit and follow through.



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