January 2011 goals

Welcome to a new year. While I don’t believe in starting a new slate, I do believe in looking forward.  January is a good month to begin to set goals, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

Goals for 2011:

Publication in at least 5 pro or  semi-pro works*

Submitting to Pro and Semi-Pro venues at least once a month

Monthly goal of submission: 3

Weight loss of at least 30 pounds by December 2011

Complete 2 novels

Have Dragon’s Masque ready for submission by December 2011

Goals for first quarter of 2011

Complete Tyger’s Eye

Begin 3rd novel of series.

Complete at least 4 new short stories (word count from 2K on up)

Total weight loss of at least 10 pounds by March 2011.

Goals for January 2011

Complete and sub 3 short stories**

Walk at least 3 days a week (weather permitting)

3 days of home cardio/resistance training

Weight loss of at least 5 pounds

Completely clean my house

Now these lists are subject to change at any time. If I get overly inspired one month I might have up to 10 submissions, that is good, but I will be sticking with my monthly requirement of 3 for the first quarter. If my weight loss goes well, I might over shoot my loss for a month, and that is great too.  I need to get back in shape badly. And well the house needs a good going over this month.  Cluttered, so need some organization but not dirty.

*I will be counting my In Situ submission in this goal since it won’t be out until 2011 even though my acceptance was in 2010.

** Include the Shock Totem Flash contest


Share your goals for the year or for the month.  What do you hope to accomplish in 2011



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