Off to a good start

For once, my new year is looking pretty good.  I had posted goals for January on  Saturday and you know what?  This weekend was divide and conquer.

I started Saturday with a peek at this month’s Shock Totem prompt.  Ideas started to bubble. But I didn’t sit at the computer and wait on it.  I got up and did something.

That’s right I tackled the living room.  I picked up trash that apparently my boys can’t see, started laundry, rearranged a few items of furniture and vacuumed.  With a few quick breaks of checking twitter, I had everything back how I like it within about 2 hours. 2 hours? Well, I am not the greatest of housekeepers, and things have been a bit cluttered, so I had some catching up to do. Plus I think the laundry monster vomited half of my kids wardrobe into my laundry room.  Total I think I washed and dried about 6 loads on Saturday.

But as I was cleaning, that idea of a story grew.  I burbled and bubbled and simmered and when I finally sat down to concentrate and write, I poured 2100 words on the page.  By evening it still wasn’t finished and I was a little annoyed that I had overshot the word count by so much but I do have a week to write on the contest. That word count was a great relief after I could not get a story going for #20Spec the month before.

Sunday I decided to tackle the kitchen.  Again, it isn’t dirty, just cluttered.  I cleaned out some of the shelves, found many opened boxes of cereal and half eaten packages of crackers.  I condensed snacks into a basket and rearranged my shelves.  I am going to have to get a shelving unit soon because I am running out of space! (I have a very tiny kitchen with only 4 foot of usable counter-top space.) I spent a few hours in between the kitchen and the laundry room and finally I was finished.

I went back to the story I had started the  day before.  Read it back over and started in again.  A few hours later, finished at just under 3,000 words. It is going to need some clean up and a bit of world building but I do like it and it will be fun to have something completely new to submit this month.

I wandered around the internet for a while.  Talked with my BF then looked at the prompt again.  Another idea began to simmer.  I ignored it for a while until it beat at the door to my head shouting “WRITE ME!”  I complied with a short that is under the 1,000 word limit.

The odd thing is, after that I still had time?  Usually my writing, not to mention my cleaning, takes a while and I barely get done before it is time for bed.  Having extra time was confusing but I soon found an outlet.  BEADS! I started on a bracelet for a friend as a thank you gift.

Tonight is editing night after I take a nice walk before supper. I need to work on my In Situ piece (just a few changes), along with attempting to write for the Show Me Your Lits site.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Are you starting the year off right?



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