“Love, Dad”

I love short stories. In a small amount of words you can fall in love with a character, be excited or dread an event, or get a glimpse into a whole new world.  They can be short, long, tell you about a place you have never visited or give you a glimpse into a culture you have not had the opportunity to think of. They open minds, they close doors, they complete a circle.

Reading back over some back stories over at Apex Magazine, I came across the story “Love, Dad” by Jeffrey D. Kooistra. In it, a man realizes that by chasing his dream, he has left behind something even more important.  The problem is, he can’t go back.

The story evolves in 300 word spurts between the man, his wife and his child both of which he left in order to peruse his dream of space travel.  Events happen, his little girl grows up and faces the same kind of decision.  It is the kind of story that makes you realize, that every choice, no matter how well-intentioned, has a consequence that will effect every aspect of your life.

So head on over to Apex Magazine, get a subscription and get a first peek at January’s stories by Seanan McGuire and Mary Robinette Kowal with a yearly subscription of $12.


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