Until you take that step…

At one point of my life I was just living it to get through.  Each day didn’t have anything any more exciting than dishes, laundry, going to work and taking care of my kids.  I found a few outlets that made me happy, but even that didn’t lighten the toil of the rest of my life.  That was the very thing that ultimately caused me to make the decision to change my life.

A lot has changed in about 3 years.  I am a much happier person.  My kids see it. My family sees it.  My friends see it. Some days it seems to bubble out of my pores.

Today I want to dance in the office. Yea, me, the girl with two left feet who couldn’t dance to save her life.   I want to laugh and kiss my man.  All this because I am happy.

It might be chasing rainbows but I know what I want now.  I can see those vague possibilities taking shape. I can’t reach it yet, but this is just one more step.

I’ll have to tell you what it is later.


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