Whatever gets you going

I haven’t felt well for a couple of days this week. The kids brought me a gift I wish they hadn’t and the bright sunlight through my office window was unpleasantly multiplied by the snow still on the ground.  So stomach in turmoil and head aching, I’ve not quite been myself for most of the week.

That was until JohnAnealio posted a guitar lesson on GeekDad. My oldest is learning to play so I decided to give it a quick peek to see if he would like it.  The song is  “Real Gone” by Cheryl Crow, one of my favorite songs on the Cars soundtrack. John’s demo led me to youtube and before long I found myself head bobbing and tapping my feet.  Next up came my fall back always going to make me feel good song: “Life is a Highway” by Rascel Flatts. Okay so it isn’t my normal hard edged, bite you in the tail music like Breaking Benjamin (Blow Me Away), Linkin Park (What I’ve Done) or Disturbed (Ten Thousand Fists) or even my harder music like Metalica or very dark music like sun O))).  But it picked me right up.

Music can do that.  Put you in a mood that you can’t quite reach on your own. I use it a lot in writing when I am trying to capture a mood or a scene.  Certain songs seem to encapsule feelings and hold them until you need them.

Today I needed a pick me up.  Thanks John!


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