Don’t mess with the schedule!

I’m one of those kind of anal people who is usually 1/2 an hour early for work and never arrives at a doctor appointment less than 15 minutes before schedule.  I like waking up at about the same time every day and going to bed – though not always straight to sleep ( I like to read before bed) – at 9 p.m.  My schedule is what keeps my days inline, because if I don’t keep it, I have no idea what is going on!

Weeks like this one, where I have Monday off work for a holiday, throws me off. Used to having the weekend off, then going to work on Monday morning, yesterday found me wondering around a bit aimlessly for a while.  After a mug of hot tea, some dishes, and some cursing of the cat, I reset my head into thinking it was Sunday.

Unfortunately, it is not the day after Sunday.  It is Tuesday.

Tonight is #zinechat at 7 p.m. EST about speculative poetry.  While I don’t write it often, I do want to tune in but I do have to go to bed early because Wed. I have to get up and drive to a meeting at Jeff. City (2 hour drive).  I’ll be leaving the house by 6:30.

Wednesday night is #sffwrtcht and I am not for sure who we are speaking with this week.  I might be a bit tired, but not missing it.

Thursday will be a blurr of getting caught up at the office and prep for Friday.

Friday is clean the office day, file everything, make sure things are ready for the next week. And Chaos evening as I pick up the kids that night from their dads.

In between all of this, I have restarted my love of my novel – 3 K words this weekend – Have a beta read that I would really like to finish this week, and at least 2 short stories to edit for me.  Plus whatever is thrown at me by Apex, Dagan Books, and Port Iris.

So this week will be busy for me, but I enjoy it.

Do you enjoy being busy or having your schedule being messed with?


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