Until you do it…

I went to a meeting yesterday for my job.  Nice drive at the but-crack of dawn sort of deals just to sit 2 hours and listen to people speak before driving home.  For my job, it was quite interesting and uplifting to know that my office is not the only one faced with the problems I deal with. I am actually looking forward to the next one in April.

One thing that struck me was a very short presentation. The theme was “Until you do it, you don’t get it.”  What he was talking about was getting involved.  Now what he was speaking of was real estate, but you could put this phrase to any aspect that you love.

Artists spend a great deal of time not just on a single piece but all of the artworks that have gone before.  Learning tiny steps before creating masterpieces, most of which are hiding in corners, painted over, or hanging on walls in the homes of family members.

Writers spend days and hours looking for one little sale. The amount of time an author spends on their work (for the most part) can’t be compensated by a single sale.  And if the writer makes it big time? He or she is damn lucky.

Musicians do the same thing.  Practicing until they are sick of the piece then practicing again until they would rather eat the sheet music than look at it.

But you know what?  Each and every one of those people do it because they love it. Maybe not the individual piece they are working on at the moment, but some aspect of the entire process.  And when artists, and writers, and musicians get together, They Get IT. They get the love and frustration, the joy and the fears. They are a support system, a question and answer center, and laugh when we need it.

So  to all of my artist/writer/musician friends, I do it. I get it.


One response to “Until you do it…

  1. Yup. There is also a similar thing about a way of seeing. Just every day things perhaps, seen in a slightly but profoundly different way than *normal*. I thnik it’s related to the left/right brain shift thing.

    Thanks for this post. It’s always nice to meet people who get it.


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