Blizzard hunh?

Well, if you haven’t heard the Midwest is getting a pretty nasty storm right now.  Parts of Missouri, where I live could get upwards of 12 to 20 inches. Guess where I live?  In that purple band on the weather channels that predict over a good foot of snow.

It isn’t like we haven’t had snow before or ice. But a BLIZZARD?  Not in anyone’s lifetime around here.  When you look back in the records, the last blizzard was about 1912, so I have doubts that anyone here would reliably remember that storm.

So, right now, I’m not impressed, though the worst is yet to come. We have a mix of sleet and snow and it is coming down pretty quickly.  We have about 2 inches right now.  If it lasts all day, we could very well get that foot or more at this rate.

I’m taking photos, both from my front door and back door every couple of hours so that I can record its progress. I’ll even set up a yard stick to record how much we get later after the wind dies down.

Those of us living in this area have experienced our share of storms.  In 2007 we had a major icestorm that broke power poles like toothpicks and trees like they were nothing.  In my town we didn’t have electric for 10 days.  My parents, who live in a more rural area didn’t have power for two weeks. My grandparents for nearly three.

10 days without electricity in January? you might ask. How did we do it?

The key to that storm was the temperatures hovered above freezing that entire time.  It truly was not that cold. You could go out with a hat a coat and gloves and you were cold but not dangerously so.

This storm is different. An artic front is one of the main players of this system. Temperatures are going to be below freezing for today and most of the week.  High winds will also play a factor in all of this. If you are going to be outside for any amount of time, bundle up well. Your life could depend on it.

The wind is starting to pick up a bit now. We have a chance of thundersnow today. It is very odd to see snow and hear thunder rumbling in the clouds above. And yes, I did look up chances of tornadoes with snowstorms. It is possible, but very very rare.

if you have to get out today, be safe.  If not, stay inside, enjoy the snow falling. Be safe.


One response to “Blizzard hunh?

  1. Man, Shadow… that’s actually a pretty good idea, it is not every day that we are privvy to see history in the making, espeically if that means all of us getting caught inside our houses for days… are you going to take pictures of the canabilization that goes on as well? Could be good fodder for some stories 😛 (Joke!)

    Stay warm, dry and outta of the snow (unless duly covered with the proper gear)
    Happy Photoing!!


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