Goals, a good start

Beginning of January I posted a list of goals for myself.  They were listed under yearly, quarterly and monthly and while I got a good start on them, I think I need to adjust somethings.

Goals for January 2011

Complete and sub 3 short stories** I subbed 2 out of 3 this month to Crossed Genres and Shock Totem

Walk at least 3 days a week (weather permitting)

3 days of home cardio/resistance training

Weight loss of at least 5 pounds

Completely clean my house

**Well I did complete several short stories.  I participated in Show Me Your Lits, 4 of the 5 weeks and have some nice Literary fiction pieces to polish and send out. I also have several short stories that need a good polish.  Good thing to work on when the boys are here.

I Beta Read a 140K novel, edited a few short stories for Apex and Port Iris, participated in #UFchat, #sffwrtcht and various other chats on Twitter.

The weight loss and exercise– didn’t happen.  I was unmotivated, weather has been awful, and I just haven’t wanted to yet.

Housecleaning is only partially done. Seems I go forward and then back on the weeks the boys are here.

And I had fun with the boys.  On the weeks they are here, I’ve changed my focus to being Mom as much as I can. We have been playing games on the Wii, boardgames, and general silliness along with me teaching them how to cook and other important things.  We’ve also just come into the teenage DRAMA stage. (and yes I know it gets worse)

Goals for February 2011

3 submissions to pro or semi-pro markets (Crossed Genres and2 others)

5 K weekly on Tyger’s Eye

Editing for Port Iris, Dagan Books and Apex as necessary.

Participation in SMYL weekly. (great place to work on voice)

Write 2 new short stories for potential submission for March

Begin weight loss – cardio and walking

Goals for first quarter of 2011

Complete Tyger’s Eye – Will be pushing on this over the next 60 days.  Trying to get at least 5K words a week.

Begin 3rd novel of series – Outline pending

Complete at least 4 new short stories (word count from 2K on up)- 3 potential short stories written. Need polish and a home.

Total weight loss of at least 10 pounds by March 2011. – need to get a scale

Goals for 2011:

Publication in at least 5 pro or  semi-pro works* – 1 down, 4 to go

Submitting to Pro and Semi-Pro venues at least once a month – Check for January

Monthly goal of submission: 3 – almost for January

Weight loss of at least 30 pounds by December 2011

Complete 2 novels

Have Dragon’s Masque ready for submission by December 2011

So here are mine.  Short term, semi-long term and long term for 2011.  What goals have you posted this month?


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