It’s all in your head.

I’ve had a problem over the past few weeks. Some people might think it’s weird, but my writer friends will know what I am talking about.

It’s the voices.

They are loud, and want my attention so that I will write their stories.

Problem is, I can’t get them down fast enough.

Imagine driving home from work, listening to the radio, trying not to get squished by semi trucks. A segment of a song sparks an idea. Too bad, you are driving, you can’t write it down, so it grows in the back of your head kind of like an itch that can’t be scratched.  When you finally get home, there is supper to cook, kids to run around, homework to do, all you can do is write out the idea on a piece of paper and hope that it quits talking to you.  Otherwise, your friends might give you odd looks when you blurt out that your (unnamed) character is off to see what is going on in the fortress of doom in an otherwise normal conversation. (unless this happens all the time, your friends realize you are a writer, and happily support your oddness.)

Sure you got it down, that itch is scratched, it is satisfied that you will get back to it in time.


Because once you get that down, you have two more ideas in your head.  They might be related to the first, then again, they may not. But now you are at soccer practice-forcing teenagers to finish homework-dishes-laundry-brush your teeth- time for bed mode. And while you might have written down that first idea, it didn’t really die.   It is back and has joined the other ideas.

Some days it feels like a group of cats when you open a can of tuna. They are all lovie lovie, wanting your attention, or at least seeming to.  But in reality, they all just want to be written, be alive for some reader.

So it has been an interesting week, especially at night. I keep a notebook and pen near my bed, not because of dreams, but because of the ideas in my head. Some nights, they just won’t leave me alone.

Do any of you have this problem? – And it really isn’t a problem until I can’t turn off the ideas in my head and can’t sleep.

What do you do for it?


4 responses to “It’s all in your head.

  1. Shadow, this has happened to me before, so much so that a 19 year old male tried to take over my brain (THAT was an interesting PTO meeting)

    Then I got some wonderful advice. Sit down for one hour, tell the voices/characters to have at it, then when the timer *dings* tell them that you will be back, it is time for you to do something else, but assure them that you will allow them to tell their story.

    I loved the feeling of having the character’s so loud and present in me, but it does have it’s hindrances as well. I’ve been there, it is controllable, and this is something very good for your story too!

    Happy writing!


  2. Shadow, I hear them too. Those ideas and voices but at times that I’m too busy I feel bad when they disappear because when I don’t write them down they do tend to run away. I don’t have a solution either but I have started to write down at least a snippet of the idea like in the form a tweet and that has seemed to help me.
    Also, I need to express to you that following you on Twitter and your blog has helped me so much with wanting to write and write more. I’m very happy with how well you’re doing and this happens to inspire me! Thanks for that and I’m starting to “jump in” a little more as well into the writing community as you have. 🙂


  3. Cate, I think I shall have to get a recorder. That actually sounds like fun. I could even act out the voices… *looks around* Ummm… maybe that might not be such a good idea… lol

    Kara, Glad I am not the only one. Though when you really get into a character’s head it is sometimes very hard to leave. I don’t always have an hour. Sometimes just a few minutes. Crazy I know, but just the way life is right now.

    Julie, I hate it when they dissapear, but then again, if they go poof, that means they were not very strong on their own. I still have one eating away in the back of my head. Very dark in a twisted way, not really sure where it all leads. And thanks hon you will never know if you fit until you jump in and try. Good luck!


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