March Goal Update

Well, as I said yesterday I met one of my goals for February, the three submissions in one month.  Let’s see how I did with the rest of it.

Goals for February 2011

3 submissions to pro or semi-pro markets (Crossed Genres and2 others) – DONE

5 K weekly on Tyger’s Eye – Only got about another 2K or so on it.

Editing for Port Iris, Dagan Books and Apex as necessary. – Lots of this in February

Participation in SMYL weekly. (great place to work on voice) – DONE

Write 2 new short stories for potential submission for March – If you count the shorts for SMYL  then yes.

Begin weight loss – cardio and walking – I have been when the weather permits.


So what does March have in store?

It is going to hinge on one thing this month. I can’t say for sure, but hopefully B will be up here in a few weeks. Permanently, to stay. SQUEEE!!!

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to put up the pen and paper right now. So I will set a few more goals for March:

March 2011 Goals

3 submissions or more to semi or pro paying markets

Participation in SMYL

Continue work on Tyger’s Eye

Work on novella for Effie’s Horror Hounds on WW (due in April)

Slush and Editing for Port Iris, Dagan Book and Apex Book Company

Continue walking when weather permits


that should be enough to keep me busy for the next 30 days or so.


2 responses to “March Goal Update

  1. Great work, Shadow!! Keep on up with the goals and there is nothing you can’t accomplish (wow, that sounds like a t-shirt or a billboard or something…sorry, but I mean it.)

    And LOL, on the last post. It was all out of love, hon 😀


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