Walking and thinking and stories, Oh my!

When I was finishing my first novel, goodness almost 4 years ago, I discovered a little secret. When I went on my daily walk, I started thinking about whatever scene I had been working on. I switched characters around, tossed in ideas, pulled out what would work and what wouldn’t and by the time  I came home, I knew exactly how the next portion of my writing would go.

That was a great time, even though most of the rest of my life was crumbling. I could put down almost 1,500 words in an hour and it was a pure joy to write.

Somehow over the past years, I lost that ability.  Not sure if it was stress, worry about other things, or that I had things lingering over me to work out, but my walks became more focused on what my next step needed to be.  I could just walk, and think out what I felt, what I wanted to say, what I would do if X happened.  I needed that, but I also missed being able to think out my next portion of writing.

Since I have gotten my new job, the stress has decreased, I’ve found my confidence again, and I’ve been writing more again.  A lot more. I keep a notebook with me at all times now.  I can jot down little fragments whenever they creep up on me.

And now that it is warming up again, I’m going on my walks once more.  This past week I have averaged an hour for 3 of the past 5 days.   While I had some issues with my hips again, now that I have started, I’m not going to stop.  Walking has always helped me lose and keep my weight under control and I have always loved walking.

But Wednesday night I didn’t have a next move to plan, nothing to really sort out in my head, I was just being me again, and guess what?

The story played itself out in my head.  I knew the characters, I knew the conflict, I knew the plot, although it was going to be too long for what I wanted.  But it is back. That tiny little voice that lets the stories roll out of my subconsciousness.

Maybe that is why I am happy today.  😀


One response to “Walking and thinking and stories, Oh my!

  1. I also enjoy walking. It is a great way for me to think on writing things as well as keep my weight under control too. Keep it up! Good Luck with your writing and walking. I’ve also found recently that I must have a notebook with me always. It really makes a difference. 🙂


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