Caution: Writer at Work

Last night I told my boys I had to finish writing a story. Yesterday was the last day to submit for the Shock Totem Flash contest, and while I had a few starts, the story didn’t bite me until yesterday afternoon. (No I did not procrastinate, I had 2 other drafts that were just going to be too long for the flash contest)

By now, they know the drill,  keep the noise below a roar, try not to ask too many questions and ignore the mumbles from my seat as I type.  I cooked a quick supper, soup and grill cheese sandwiches, and sat down to type.

But first, we had to find the soccer gear. My oldest is playing soccer this spring, however, there has been so much rain, they haven’t even had practice.  I was informed Sunday that we had a game for Tuesday (today).  EEEP!  So took oldest to his dad’s to find the soccer gear. 10 minutes later, we were back home.

Computer going, page opened, reading back through what I had written earlier in the day, kid crying…

Youngest had played some sort of game at recess involving balls and throwing, and had jammed his pinkie finger on Friday.  It was still swollen and slightly bruised last night.  As he came around the corner, swinging his arms. You guessed it, Whack! against the door frame. It hurts, I know it does as I have done the same thing many times. We made a splint got him all taped up complete with hugs.

Okay back to the draft.  Start writing, paragraph one, 100 words down, kids giggling madly. (This is a good sign opposed to kids screaming at each other.)

I turn to look.  The boys are across the room doing crazy things to the poor skate board character.

Nod, Laugh, Back to draft. Write more. Look at clock. Time to get someone in the shower.

Boys behave, at least get wet and they don’t stink so much now. – I have found that active teenage boys have a very offensive odor at the end of the day.   >.<

Type Type Type… finish draft at… 1200 words.

Look at clock.  EEEP!  almost bedtime for me.

Edit Edit Edit… cut slash hack.

Draft under 1,000 words. Cheers!


So that was my evening, how was yours or do you have nights like this often?


6 responses to “Caution: Writer at Work

  1. Impressive. I don’t have kids yet, but I hope I’d be able to squeeze writing into my life as well as it appears you did last night.

    Congrats on getting the story finished and submitted on time.


    • It really is hard sometimes to balance. Esp when you have a deadline or a story eating at you from the inside. But we work it out. Most of the time. lol


  2. Wow, that sounds like a heck of a night. Congrats on getting the draft done amidst all the craziness. I don’t have kids, but I have other family members that come around and *act* like children. 🙂


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