The secret to writing a great story

You may have seen them, those ads that pop up on facebook or on other author sites guaranteeing your story will be published. I have to sigh at those. Sure, if you pay someone they are going to publish everything from your stories to the several thousand characters that got placed in stead of scene 3 when your cat sat on the keyboard.  Most of those sites don’t care if you have a nicely crafted story or not. They just want your money.

On the other hand, you probably drool at the magazines, anthologies and books online and off just like I do.  You look at your work and wonder if you will ever be good enough to be published.  Sometimes, you toss your novel in a barrel for a few weeks, a month, a year.  But it haunts you, it whispers about the next scene, or where the characters need to go next.  You go back to it and keep struggling through it.

Believe it or not, that is the secret.  Keep trying.  Read what you can, even if it not something you typically read.  Try your hand at a story like that.  Develop skills that will help you progress in your writing. Ask for people to beta read, for edits, for advice.  Then turn around and do the same for another group of people.

Keep writing- keep reading.  Pass that advice along when someone asks what the secret is to writing a great story.


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