A week went by…

… and I had not posted here.  Well sorry about that.  Life kind of grabbed me and distracted me for a bit.

So I’ll do a quick review of the past 2 weeks.

Writing. Writing. Writing.  Something about putting words on a page keeps me awake at night sometimes.  I get a thought and it won’t let go until I put it on paper.  To some it might sound like some strange affliction, but my writer friends know what I mean.

I’ve been working on a lot of short stories lately, mostly from prompts from Show Me Your Lits. Last week had me nearly flying with the compliments on my short.  While it’s only a draft for now, I will be expanding it.  I have changed the name from “One Coin isn’t Enough” to “The Coin Keeper.”  Not sure how long this story will be but it has potential to be as long as it likes.  After May, I’ll be taking the time to get to know the MC – I still don’t know her name- and the narrator.  I only know a few details about both of them, but I’m sure it will be an interesting story.

I’ve also been working on my novella entry for Miss Effie’s Challenge over at Absolute Write.  I am revamping a 5K story to fit the guidelines and finding that I can do a whole lot more than the 10K needed.  Right now, testing going back and forth between an older man and his thoughts and the real time happenings of the MC.  They will all come together in the end – or I hope they will.

Writing on the SMYL site has allowed me to play a bit with some things.  Not intentionally, just sometimes the prompt hits me just right and what I put on paper spills out.  2 weeks ago I had a fast little 500 word piece that was very ambiguous.  It fit the prompt, yet allowed everyone personal translations.

Reading is my next big time hole.  Never in a bad way.  I have a stack of books next to my chair.  When one is done, I pick up the next and start reading.  I’d say I spend just as much time reading as writing.  Some days books, other days articles on writing, blog pages, and other things.

But I have 2 of my 3 subs out this month.  Not sure what or where to sub #3 yet.  I’ll look into that this weekend.

I have been walking again (weather permitting). Not sure of any weight loss, but I am moving again.

Slush piles always stack up during the week, so weekends are usually dedicated to sorting that out.

Editing, well that comes in when it does. 😀

And that is about my week, besides dayjob,  son #1 soccer practice and games, cooking, cleaning and normal stuff.

How has your week gone?


5 responses to “A week went by…

  1. Agh, I hope you are able to fit some reading in at some point, though it does sound like you are at least being danged productive. I have trouble imagining not being able to read almost every night, though. I think it would drive me insaaaaaaane! 🙂


    • Oh I get it in, bits and pieces at a time. I actually reisisted taking a book to work today so I’d actually get 1 particular project complete today instead of jumping back and forth in between work and reading. I’ll probably devour it this weekend.

      Some weeks though I can only read a few chapters, usually at night right before bedtime. I’m lucky if I get a whole book read in a week. I do read a lot online, free zines and such. I enjoy those and hope to further hone my short story skills, though it looks like my shorter pieces are destined to be much longer than I expect lol


  2. You’re always such a busy girl. I admire that about you, especially where you also have a day job. You’re doing great; I see the progress you’re making. I have no doubt that sometime soon you’ll be able to quit the day job and write for a living. You go girlie.

    Oh, my week. Yeah. Things are still kinda rough around the edges here. It’s exhausting and not awesome for the creative juices. But I finally managed to finish a first draft of a WIP. Yay! And I revamped the site. At least that’s something.


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