Why Shocks are Sometimes Good for Us.

There are times when we all face bad things.  Loss of a job, a loved one, a place to live.  These things shake up our world and throw us off balance. Events like this bring fear and uncertainty to our lives.

They also bring growth.

I was just informed that my land lady would like me to move out by May 1. The house that I have been renting is in awful shape, the roof in the back of the house leaks, the floors are buckling, the windows leak cold or hot air, and while I have tried to do the best I can with it, things continue to break down.  Needless to say the land lady is a Scrooge (to say it politely) and sends in very cheap labor to “fix” things. Only a very few times have things actually been “fixed.”

For instance, the roof that I mentioned?  It’s been leaking for 2 years.  I think she has had 6-8 people up on the roof in this past year and it has gone from an occasional drip to a 5 gallon bucket if it rains hard.  What it needs is the old roof torn off and a new one put on with more of a pitch. I’ve told the land lady this and given her some quality people to do it. What does she do? Calls some local yahoo, and tells them to fix it with $50.  The roof has had tar, a tarp, a few sheets of tin (only on the section that leaks not the whole roof), more metal stuff, and who knows how many tubes of cauking put on it- and guess what?  IT still LEAKS!

I’ve been nice, calling her when it leaks, asking her to please get it fixed.

So today she calls and says that she needs to get it fixed and can’t because I’m living there. She’s going to have papers drawn up and I need to be out by May 1.

Truthfully, I should have been looking for some other place to live by now, but I kind of got comfortable with the routine of the house.  I also have a very limited budget so that limits what I can rent. I also have to stay in town or near town so the boys will be able to come home from school.

Well, now that decision has been taken care of.   I have to be out by May 1. Right now I have 2 possible options.  And I think it will help me move forward.


One response to “Why Shocks are Sometimes Good for Us.

  1. Wow. I’m both sad and happy for you. lol Great to be moving to a better place. Bummer such short notice. Glad you found a place so fast and, yeah, it’s a little weird. hahaha

    I hope the move goes smoothly and easily for you. Will you be able to do a little at a time…cause I’ve heard that’s a rockin’ way to move instead of having to do it all at once.

    Luck Lady!


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