A warning to my friends

To those of you who are just getting to know me, I’d like to take a moment to give you a bit of a warning.

I am a writer.

To those of you not familiar with this creature, let me tell you a few things about Writers.

First of all, we love words. We love the shapes, the sounds, the feel of letters, words and pages. We spend hours upon hours reading, writing, studying and sometimes throwing a fit about marks on a page. We are acutely sensitive to grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and correct spelling.  We will correct you and probably cite Webster’s or the newest ALA rules on such a subject if necessary.

Writers are daydreamers.  While most of us hold down full-time or part-time jobs, there is always a portion of our minds going over the next scene, the next story, the next character. When we stare off into space, we are not fantasizing about replacing our boss, or what we will do with a million dollars (most of the time).  Instead we are putting together pieces of puzzles in our head, connecting the dots if you will, from what we wrote yesterday to what we need to write tonight.  If you catch one of us in this state, please note that any questions you ask might be met with an answer such as:  “No the graphenzield does not fit with the abridach.”

Our natural habitats are coffee shops, libraries, book stores, offices and any other places where we might sneak in a few words uninterrupted.

Most writers are naturally shy creatures, so be cautious when approaching. If you are patient, you might even get the chance to see a WIP. The WIP is a very important item to the writer.  Any criticism in the beginning stages can damage the WIP and discourage the writer.

Gaining the trust of a writer is important. Writers have a very defensive nature at times, using sharp words to tear things apart. If you frighten or anger a writer, please be aware that you will probably be featured in some gristly death or embarrassing situation in a future work.

Writers come in all shapes an sizes.  You can identify them by laptops, notebooks, pens, ink stains and a slightly dreamy look in their eyes.

While solitary by nature, writers do come together during CONS. These gatherings attract writers from all over the globe. They meet to speak about writing, words, publication and to share ideas.  They stay up late and get up early. Many wear costumes of favorite characters. If you you find yourself in the middle of a CON please enjoy observing writers in the wild.

November can be a dangerous month around a writer especially if they participate in NANO.  Copious amounts of coffee and quiet time is required.

Writers hunt ideas, so when they scurry off without excusing them selves, please do not be offended.  Ideas are elusive and difficult to capture.  Most hunts go best when the writer has his or her muse cooperating.

Writer species can be broken down into genres. Though many stick to just one genre, cross genres are common.  What a writer writes is often determined by what they read the most. Though some genres are easy to spot, some are more difficult to distinguish.

Most writers are readers, as this often causes the muse to appear so that they can once more hunt ideas. Some writers are not picky about what they read, but they are critical if the writing does not meet certain criteria. Some writers are very picky and will only read in their genre. Art and music often assists in this venture. So be prepared to look at photos, paintings and listen to various types of music.


10 responses to “A warning to my friends

  1. “We will correct you and probably site Webster’s or the newest ALA rules on such a subject if necessary.”

    Very true. Ahem, that should be ‘cite’. =)


  2. It seems, that before writing this blog post you ran a scan disk through creatures called ‘Writers’. 🙂 Highly observant, superlatively accurate and a wonderful description of writers! Am glad to have come across this blog post. Keep writing. 🙂


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