Simply Acceptance

I’ve probably said it a million times before, but I live in a very small town with a very strict set of rules and not much variation.  It has its good things and bad things.  I like how most of your neighbors watch out for each other, however, I hate how nothing is ever secret for long. There is a limited number of experiences here and at times I get restless.

Without a lot of money to travel or time to just head out someplace, my mind began to wander. My first stories weren’t much more than copies of stories I had read or seen, but something gradually changed.

My characters and worlds began to develop on their own.

Through them I began to experience things that I was not exposed to.  I’m not always referring to different worlds when I say that.  Some of my characters have mental and physical issues, they experience depression and mania, alternative lifestyles, the victims of abuse, neglect and prejudice.  Each and everyone of them has a core piece of me, however after I put them on the page, they grow, develop, and strike out on their own no matter what the path I intend on them taking.

I accepted that.

As I became more active on the internet, I realized something.  There were a lot of people out there who were different than the tight little world I lived in.  People just like some of my characters.

You know what? I accepted that too. And I realize that I am so very lucky to have realized this.

When you cut yourself off, intentionally or unintentionally, from things that are strange and new, you sever new experiences.  You cut out things that can help you develop.  Friends can and should have differences in opinions. Having someone around who just agrees with everything doesn’t stretch boundaries or makes you curious about other things.  I just keeps you trapped.

Differences in opinions allows us to examine our own ideas and pick away at those constraining thoughts that limit us.  They allow new ideas to grow even if they are foreign. They allow us to accept even if an idea or life style doesn’t fit our own.

You don’t have to agree with everyone, heck I don’t always agree with my characters, but I always accept them as who they are, because they do the same for me.


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