The last push – 1 week till moving day

The month is almost over and I think I have most of what I wanted done this month complete.  In ways it has been frustrating and in others suprising.

For one, the housing situation isn’t quite as firm as I would like it.  The x has drug his feet about certain things – namely packing- and hasn’t fulfilled some of his promises.  Not really surprised there but would be nice to know that he has changed in that aspect.  I will be moving next week, whether he is ready for me or not.

Packing the house hasn’t been so difficult.  By taking one room at a time and sorting things I have about 3/4 of the house finished. I rented a storage unit and have it neatly filled with boxes, bins and shelves. While not able to identify where everything is, I know where to look and probably which boxes to look in.  This weekend I will finish packing so that all I have to do is throw things like clothes, the few books I kept out and the rest of the dishes into boxes.  I will be able to borrow a truck from my parents but I doubt the furniture will take more than a few trips.

I did have a wonderful surprise last weekend. My long distance BF from Georgia decided enough was enough and packed up a rental car and drove up here. This week has been great with him finally up here.  He is a very loving and caring man and there’s just this spark between us.  I don’t think I have laughed this much in a long time, nor had this goofy smile on my face.

On the writing side, I haven’t done a lot. I did finish edits for Port Iris and worked on a short story that kind of ambushed me last week. I haven’t worked much on Where There is Water, but hopefully this weekend will give me some time for edits and expansions.  I need 6,000 more words to hit the minimum word count for the contest. Hoping I have enough time before the deadline May 7.

Over all, it’s been a busy month and it is almost over.  I’ll be thankful when it is.


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