Crash Courses – moving update

Crash Courses are one of those things that you hate to encounter, yet after you are done, you find out that they are not nearly as bad as they seemed at first. I’ve had several of them over the past years. Everything from learning new programs for work, to figuring out a new pattern for beading/sewing or just a new aspect of a job that I already do.

Poor B got one in plumbing yesterday.

The house we are moving into sat empty all winter and with the cold weather we had, the pipes froze and burst.  It wasn’t really a surprise when water started spewing when they turned things on, however the amount of breaks were a bit alarming.  Since B hasn’t even started job hunting  yet, this was the perfect way to not only spend some time, but to knock off some of the rent for the next few months. Little did he or I know that he would be crawling under the house all day with spiders and mud.

He’s never tried plumbing.  Framing, roofing, installing heating/air units and other work has been his focus in the past few years. He has also done maintenance work at a few factories.  But this was different. Terri took him to get pieces that he needed but he did all the work. She said that he could have fooled her on the work he did because every leak he found and fixed, didn’t leak.

There were a few that were beyond his meager skills though, like the busted water heater.  We are getting a replacement today. I’ll have to stop by and order gas tonight after work (was supposed to do it before but oh well.)  Hot water will be available for cleaning on Thursday night/Friday. Lots of painting going to happen in the next few weeks, along with laying of floors and perhaps some carpet.  B is going to be busy, and you know what?  He does it all with a smile.

Got to love a man like that.


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