April Showers bring…

Well, they should bring May flowers, however this year, the yearly April rains brought a lot of mud.

April is a transition month, meaning that winter loses its final finger holds on the world and things begin to happen.  Last month was no exception.

The move is complete.  I am out of that crappy little house with a leaky roof, finally.  I could never have done it without B.  Not only did he help fund the move, but he was the main force in getting everything done.  Friday night – ummm  Saturday morning- he was still hauling things out of the old house at about 1 a.m.  He wanted to get one more load but I wouldn’t let him.  I felt guilty enough. I gave out at midnight. Not to mention all of the work he put in through the week.

Also Z’s friend K helped out a lot.  He’s a good kid and knows how to pack and move.  lol

There are still quite a few things that we will be doing to this house such as more cleaning, painting, laying carpet and flooring but it is livable. Much better than the old house.  More room and we get to chose some of what happens here. I am crossing my fingers that the land lord will let me paint a tribal style dragon in the front room. 😉   (Its going to be more of a stencil kind of painting than anything) But that will be for later maybe in a few months.

Still a lot to do and it will be done eventually.

I have 10,000 words done on the novella for the WW contest. The deadline has been moved back to June 1st so I have a few more weeks to work on it.  Now that Draft 0 is done, I can work on expansions and firming up voice and character.

This week is the Shock Totem flash contest.  Interesting prompts and I have a few ideas.  I’ll have to make some time to get the first draft done before Friday.

Sunday I hope to start with the SMYL flash contests again.  Not writing in this weekly contest has been driving me nuts.  lol

If all goes well, I hope to have 3 subs out beginning again this month.


2 responses to “April Showers bring…

  1. Wow, and WOW! I didn’t realize you were moving, but then again, I haven’t been around lately. Good luck to you, Shadow on your flash story, I’m sure it will be fabulous and good luck to you with your subs! I know you’ll be doin some awesome stuff!! (Hope you’re doing well)!


    • Yep doing okay. I’ll be busy for a while with the cleaning and such but I’ll be around. Got to get my blog back up to a regular thing and more writing done. Scheduling will be interesting.

      How are you doing?


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