And now, back to writing.

Nearly 6 weeks ago I had a nasty little surprise.  I had to move and soon. After the initial panic and last minute decisions I made a plan of action which included drastically cutting back on writing.  I didn’t participate in several things that I could have but in order to get everything done in time, that was a necessity.

Now that we are at least in the other house, I can begin to participate in all of the things I had earlier this year.

Sunday will mark my return to SMYL.  I have voted a few weeks but had not made comments on the entries. I should be able to comment on the krewes this week as there are only 3.

The Shock Totem flash contest entry is due this week.  We have an awesome prompt this month. While it is more dark fantasy based, I think a horror element has wormed its way into my idea.  I have about 300 words written so far.

I’m also going to submit 2 other pieces this month somewhere. Not sure what ones or where, but I’ll figure it out.

Where There is Water is up to about 10,000 words now. Just need 5K more until it meets the minimum guidelines.  I am glad that the deadline was pushed back a month.  I will be finishing draft 1 next week.  Probably going to have a few friends read it before it goes out.

I’ll also be participating in my weekly chats again. #sffwrtcht on Wednesday nights and #UFchat on Saturdays.  Jaym will have to give me a date on #zinechat for this month.

Plus reading slush, editing, and working on my stories along with cleaning out the trash left here will keep me busy for a while.

I missed writing and now I’m ready to pound the keyboard again.


2 responses to “And now, back to writing.

  1. moving was a necessity. Land lady would not fix the roof!

    But this is much much much better even if we have to do a lot of work on the house. Good thing is we are taking it off the rent! lol 😀


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