And Back to Writing

The past 6 weeks I haven’t had a lot of time to write.  I had lots of time to think on things I needed to write, but as to putting things on the page?  Not so much.

Last week I wrote and worked on my Shock Totem piece.  We have 31 entries this month, the most we’ve ever had.  We are extending the comment and vote deadline to June 4.  With about 31000 words to read and 31 entries to comment on, this makes a lot of sense and gives plenty of time for everyone.  I probably won’t have my comments done before the end of the month.  Depends on everything else.

I do have to concentrate on Where There is Water the rest of this week.  10,000 words down. 5K more to go.  Rewriting it from the first draft has become much easier than I thought except I keep slashing words that aren’t going to make sense with the new structure.  While the word count is growing it is much smaller than desired.

I also have to think on two anthology invites I have due next month.   One is Science Fiction.  The other Horror.  I have ideas for one but will have to think hard on the other.

I did submit to Show Me Your Lits last night.  felt good to write a little piece to have critiqued.  I hope to have some good comments on it.  I also look forward to reading the other Krewes.  Hopefully I’ll get to some of them today if not later tonight.

#SFFWRTCHT will be tonight. Not sure who the guest is.  9 p.m. est.  Good conversations with authors editors and publishers.

In other words, back to my fun.


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