So, where have I been?

A few months ago a new contest was announced over at Absolute Water Cooler in the horror section. While I don’t write horror exclusively, some of my stories are on the border of dark fantasy. One in particular, I felt could work. However, it needed work, lots of it.

See this contest was for a novella, a story that fits in between a short story and a full novel. The word count has to be between 15,000 and 30,000 words and fit into the category of legend.  So for the month of April, I set about trying to triple  a 5,000 word story.  By April 30, I had only doubled it. Luckily the deadline was extended.

It is usually a good thing when I set a story aside for a few days or even a week. It was definitely a good thing for this story.  In only a few days I increased that 10,000 words into 14,000 then dove into edits.

That is what I have been doing for the past week. Editing, filling out some gaps, and extending the little world I have created. Sometimes it is a hair pulling deal. You have a feeling that something just isn’t right, but you can’t put your finger on it.  It is like trying to pull out something from beneath a heavy couch. You know it’s under there but you can’t quite get your hand all the way under to reach.

But I still have a bit to go for that minimum word count. Right now my story stands at 14,445 words. Just over 500 more to go.

Last night before I went to sleep I started thinking on two segments. One, now clearly does not fit.  The other, needs some love. That is what I’ll be doing today at lunch, surgically removing one portion – about 200 words- and replacing it with a shiny new section. The other will just be some beefing up with details of an encounter.

I do love how this will ripple into the rest of the story in little pieces.  I’ll have to add in segments of details through out the story. Hopefully I’ll have my 15,000 words in by the end of the night.  If not, well, there is the weekend to finish it.


2 responses to “So, where have I been?

    • I agree. This story needed more than just a short reveal. But it wasn’t long enough for a novel. This is just right.



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