Weekend schedule

I’m actually kind of jealous of Carrie Cuinn today.  She is at ReaderCon this weekend. Her update was much more interesting than mine this morning. Coffee and breakfast with friends then off to panels.  Ah well,  perhaps next year I’ll be able to go to a few local ones.  Springfield has one along with KC.  Hopefully things will work out for a day or two of fun.

My weekend is going to consist of getting more writing done.  I am close to finishing my Space Battles story, or at least I hope I am.  The story is over 5,000 words and I have to keep the final draft under 6,000.  Not too worried yet as it has wondered a bit in the middle.  Once I have this draft done, got to firm up the characters, fine tune some motivation, and expand a bit on the conflict.  Should be finished by sometime next week.

Next story is going to be for the FISH anthology.  I have the story in my head, I know how it goes, I just have to put it on the page.

I also have quite a bit of slush to go through.  Over at Dagan Books the stories for the FISH anthology are coming in and as deadline approaches I’m sure we will have plenty more.  If you want to submit go ahead, I look forward to reading what you have.

Port Iris is also taking submission for the next issue.   I haven’t sifted through the slush pile in about 2 weeks, so I’m looking forward to finding some gems.

I am also going to start pulling things out of the storage unit this week to unpack.  I don’t want to pay for the building another month.  By unpacking a box or two ( or three or four) a day, I’ll have all of my stuff back home again. 😀

Another thing I’ll be doing this weekend is taking photos of some of my beadwork.  Time I started getting some of it sold.  Kind of need the money this month until B gets a job so watch for some pretties on sale next week right here!



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