Writer me – Editor me

I have to thank @shaunduke for making me think about this today.

In real life, I have a secretarial type job.  I answer phones, emails and questions. I sort papers and keep track of invoices and payments. I get ready for meetings and try to have everything on hand before it is asked for. I am here at the office early but I usually leave here right on the dot. It usually isn’t stressful and I enjoy it.

But there is another side to me. (well several other sides but let’s just deal with these two today.)

The Writer:

The writer has to have freedom.  It loves to explore and play. It locks on a new character and won’t let me sleep some nights. Writer me puts words on the page.  It will go one direction with a story then switch gears and go the opposite.  Sometimes it will switch from 1st person POV  then jump to 3rd in the middle of the paragraph.  The writer doesn’t care about syntax and proper grammar.  It just wants the stories out.

The Editor:

Editor me has to make sense of what Writer me puts on the page. It catches the POV changes, sighs and decides what viewpoint is most effective. It corrects my spelling errors and cuts out unnecessary words.  It finds plot holes and grammar issues and does what it can to fix them.  The editor cringes at incorrect usages of words.  It wants the pages to be perfect.

They remind me a lot of my kids. More often than not, they are rolling in the floor fighting.

Now Writer me thinks it has the harder job of the two. ” I have to catch the muse and tickle her until she lets go of an idea.”

Editor me thinks that is all bullshit. “Look at the mess you made of this plot, how am I going to fix this?”

Writer me rolls her eyes and doodles on a page.

“What is that?” Editor me asks after a while.

Writer me slides over the page. “It’s a new idea.”

Before long they have their heads together in deep discussion.

That’s how I know I’m in trouble.

See you later.  It seems I have another story to write.


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