August is going to be busy

I like to keep a running tab of upcoming anthologies I would like to submit to, however over the past few months those notes have gotten scattered in my little universe.  So yesterday I wrote them all down and made a startling discovery.  I had 3 due for the month of August. O.o

My story for the FISH anthology from Dagan Books is written, but it breathing right now. Something feels just a bit off with it, so setting it aside so my mind can look at it fresh later next week.

Crossed Genres has two anthologies coming up.

First of the stories I’m trying to write, the Science In My Fiction contest Due August 31. The theme: Off Earth (still bouncing ideas for this one)

Here’s how it works: Authors write a science fiction or fantasy short story (2,000-6,000 words) which is inspired by a scientific discovery or innovation made or announced within the past year. It can’t be peripherally added: the science must be integral to the story. Writers must include a link to a relevant article or study of the applied science when they submit their stories.

Next is the The Benevolent Apocalypse from Timid Pirate.  Last night did some mind mapping and think I might have something.  I’ll know when I get this draft done.

And I just found out that Absolute Write is having a Speculative Fiction contest. Due September 1.  Luckily I think that I can pull one of my Shock Totem flash contest stories out and fluff it a bit.  Shouldn’t be too difficult to revise.

Other anthologies I want to write for in the upcoming months.

Crossed Genres:  Fat Girl in a Strange Land  Going to try to work in one of the characters of my novels into this.  Ryssie might be a great character to do this with. Due September 30

Detritus Anthology only in idea phase right now. Due October 15

Power Corrupts Absolutely by Damnation Books.  Another one that I’d like to work in a few novel characters into. Due December 1

There are also two other anthologies that I’d like to try for.  They don’t have deadlines but I’m sure they will fill by the end of the year.

The Memory Eater. Looks like a cool concept.  If you take out one memory, what happens to all of the others?

The last one is from Deepwood Publishing.  It will take a bit of research and idea hopping to find the story.

September will be the last of the Shock Totem Flash contests for this year. And going to try to do the flash contest over at Show Me Your Lits every other week.

So yea, things are starting to pick up.  I’m feeling a lot more confident in my writing.  More confident of my self editing.

Moving forward so keep writing.


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