3 out the door, 3 to go

Okay so I posted a list of anthologies that I’d like to submit to this month on Tuesday.  Guess what, cross 2 of them off the list for August, because they are speeding across the interwebs to email boxes.  I feel like giving myself a high five for getting them done and out early.  Instead I’ll probably get some icecream goodies to celebrate with later this evening.

The next two stories are going to be harder.  I have to research. The good thing is, I have piratical experience in one.  I just need some brushing up and some ideas to expand on.  The second, I have no idea yet.  I think this week I’ll have the boys help me out with finding the proper scientific articles and go from there.

So if you are keeping count, that is 4 submissions that I talked about on Tuesday.  No, I haven’t started on any of the  submissions for September or October yet.  Though I have some vague ideas bouncing around.

I have a few edits on another story that I have to do this weekend.  Once I send it back I’ll hopefully have some good news to share.

Lastly, I had one of THOSE stories.  My writer friends will understand when I say that after leaving it alone for a while, it still spoke to me. So I edited it, asked for some beta readers, got some excellent feedback and worked on it again. Last night I started on the quest of finding it a new home.

So yea, if you are keeping count, I have 3 submissions out, 1 that needs edits, and 2 that need to be written.

But not going to rest if I get those last 3 out the door.  I still have slush to read for Port Iris and Dagan Books.  I have a few beta reads to go over. Also, I’ll be doing some articles for #sffwrtcht.  My first book review came out yesterday.

And if I get bored with all that, I have my beads to play with. O.o


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