August review

Well,  since it is the last Friday in August, I thought I give you an update on my progress this month.

August really was busy.

I sent out my FISH anthology story, it is still in the slush pile.

The Science In My Fiction contest was canceled. – sad but I understand.

My submission to the Absolute Write Speculative Fiction contest has been sent to the next round of judging.

I’m still trying to write something for the Benevolent Apocalypse.  Just not coming up with a lot of good ideas.

I did receive a rejection from a short I had submitted earlier this month. And an official acceptance just last week.

So as it stands I had 1 rejection, 1 acceptance, and two are still out there.

Hey that wasn’t so bad!

On September 1, Shock Totem should open up its next flash fiction contest. Sign ups should start at any time.

The Crossed Genres, Fat Girl in a Strange Land, ends on Sept. 30.  I’ll be starting on this story soon.

Slush reading for Dagan Books and Port Iris are going well.  Keep sending your stories!  I love reading them.

I’ll be starting some columns over at the #sffwrtcht site this month along with some author interviews.

I also have some other good news, but that is going to have to wait for a bit.  Believe me  I’ll let you know.





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