Family Updates

September is one of those months were there is a lot of transition. The hot days of summer begin to cool and the leaves begin to change.  The kids are no longer on summer break and go back to school.  Daylight comes later and ends sooner.

There’s going to be a lot going on later.  My oldest will be coaching U6 soccer this fall and has been volunteered to be the equipment manager for the Youth Soccer league.  Since there were not enough kids in his age group for a team this year, this works out well.  He is also going to referee games which will earn him some extra money.  I’m pretty proud of him.  The notebook he has been carrying around is slowly being filled with words.  My boy is taking after his mom and has started writing.  He has an interesting concept, the characters aren’t too bad and he has a bit of a plot going.  I can’t wait to read all of it.

My youngest has fallen in love with the table top version of BattleTech.  The kid spends most of his free time building mechs on paper so that he has an array of things to counter his uncle when they play.  I was pretty impressed when we played last week and I asked for two 30 ton and one 40 ton mechs, he asked me if I wanted a fast or medium mech.  He pulled out the appropriate setups; all we had to do was print out the sheets.  This has honed the boy’s math skills considerably which in turn, funny as it might sound, has improved his trumpet playing skills.  There’s a huge connection between music and math and it is kind of fun to see it play out with games and instruments.

Cross your fingers for B. We think he has a job.  If all goes well, he will be working for Ameri Corps for the next year tutoring and mentoring kids.  I think he will like it and find it very rewarding.

Me, well, I have a few things going lately. I got moved up to VP of the Youth Soccer League, as our VP moved into another school district and her kids won’t be playing soccer.  Just as soon as I have numbers, I’ll be ordering shirts and assisting in making out game schedules.  Not sure how many games I’ll be attending.  Any that my son will be reffing I will go if he wants me to. (Sometimes parents get a little carried away.)

I have a few things I need to write this month.  Starting with the Crossed Genres: Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology. I have ideas, just haven’t put them on paper yet. Next are some blog posts for #sffwrtcht along with some author interviews and book reviews. Slush reading for Port Iris and Dagan Books will continue.  Before the end of the month I’ll be starting on my Detritus anthology piece.  I also have a few stories I’m still subbing.

Since it is getting cooler, I’ll be picking up my crochet again.  Sometimes it is just too warm in the summer to have a lap full of stuff, though I love working on yarn projects as it gets cooler.  I may even have a chance to get my torch set back up later (if B gets this job.)  I’d love to spend a few hours a weekend on glass.  My kids would love it too as they really liked doing it with me.

And yes, I have some beading projects that I’m going to get started with again.  First of all, a necklace, some bracelets and whatever catches my fancy.  There are also some cool ideas bouncing in my head about some book markers, a pretty easy pattern that I can do up with left over beads from other projects.

So does your life begin to change gears as the weather cools and the days get shorter?

Tell me about some of your plans for the fall.


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