You might be a geek if…

… you know a lot about computers.

… you play games like Dungeons & Dragons.

… you can recite segments of favorite movies from memory.

… you know all of the stats of (insert favorite sports figure).

… you can pull random facts from thin air.

… know what years particular motors went into what classic cars.

Yea, if you can do any of those things, or anything similar, you are a geek.

I was one of those kids in high school, who did well, didn’t have to study much and always carried around a novel with me. I played in the band, didn’t do well in sports, and liked art. I wasn’t popular, in fact I was the opposite, I was a geek.

There is a lot of stereotyping of geeks.  In movies, they are often portrayed with thick glasses, old fashioned hair do’s, and are awkward around the opposite sex.  In books they are the brilliant side kicks who can always find a fix for what ever problem arises.

Real life seems to reflect some of that. That quiet person in the office who knows how to fix that little glitch your computer program does on occasion. Mentally, you think they are a geek.  Anyone who wears thick glasses is expected to be brainy, not cursed with myopia. If someone mentions they play online games or D&D, they are labeled as a geek.

But really anyone can be a geek.

Take, Vin Deiesel.  He played D&D. Do you think he’s a geek? Of course he is!  And he is proud of it.

Angelina Jolie was an amateur herpetologist as a child.  She collected various snakes and lizards.

Peyton Manning, the football star?  Yep a geek in school.

There are so many famous people out there who have geek tendencies.

If you do a search of “Speak Out with Your Geek Out,”  you will notice quite a few entries this week. After a few incidents online putting geeks in a dissatisfying light, our leader, Monica Valentinelli, proposed we (meaning geeks) write about all of our passions to let the world know we are unified in our support of each other. As of Wednesday, she had over 1,000 people pledged to write about their geekiness.  That, dear readers, is impressive. And I’m sure that number has increased over the weekend.

So this week on my blog, along with countless others,  is a celebration of everything geek. Games, computers, jobs, movies, trivia, sports, animals, writing, or anything else you can geek about.

Join us, because deep down, in some way, everyone is a geek.





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