The Good, The Sad, and The Shout Outs

Sorry I’ve been abusing the blog a bit lately.  As everyone knows, it is almost holiday time and if you have a nice relaxing time the next few months, I envy you.

So here’s what I’ve been doing over the past month or so.

The Good

I have been writing.  Right now over 3,000 words on a short story that should land between 10,000-15,000 words in the next month. I plan on getting to at least 5,000 by end of the weekend.

An article I wrote for #Sffwrtcht titled: Urban Fantasy- The All Around Genre was picked up by and put on their morning round up yesterday.  *Shock–Faint*

Still working at the Public Relations gig for Apex.  Learning a lot. Many emails have been shot out from my inbox over the last few months. Each time, I’m getting feedback and improving on the next set of contacts. Learning on the job is fun. 😀

Lynne Thomas will be the new editor of Apex Magazine. Starting in November. We hate to see Cat go, but completely understand her desire to peruse the elusive novel. Apex also has new books coming out in the next few months.  Tim Waggoner’s Like Death will be out next week! Order now for a discount!

You can get Cat Valente’s Habitat of the Blessed at Barnes & Nobel today for free!


The Sad

Port Iris magazine is going on hiatus. Casey has his hands full with job, classes and some computer issues that just don’t leave him time to work on the magazine.  I’ve enjoyed reading slush and helping with edits. Please, those of you who regularly submitted, keep going.  There are plenty of markets out there. I hope your stories find good homes.

Crossed Genres will no longer have a monthly magazine. Publishing a monthly magazine takes a LOT of time an effort, especially with a small press.  Bart and Kay want to focus more on novels and novellas.  I wish them all the luck in the world.  PS.  There’s still time to get a story in for the last issue!  The subject is DIFFERENT.

I had a rejection last week.  The good news was that it made it to round three of picks for the AW Spec Fic anthology.  Bad news is, I have a few edits then have to see if I can find it a different home.



The Shout Outs

Matt Staggs has launched a help website for upcoming writers.  He offers free advice, interviews, and information.  He is also accepting donations for a new MacBook to assist him in these endeavors.  If you wouldn’t mind sparing a bit of change, he’d appreciate it.

Need an editor? I have several friends who are offering services as an editor.

Simon Marshall-Jones over at Spectal Press

Jason Seizmore over at Apex Book Company

Saladin Ahmed is offering one-on-one writing mentor-ships



And I want to offer one little tidbit of advice:

Success isn’t what we gain in life; it’s how we feel after we’ve done the best we possibly can.

So chin up everyone. Do the best you can with what you have, and be proud of that.




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