Monday Shout Outs

Since over the weekend I had wordage just not here on a short story, blogs for #sffwrtcht and revisions/drafts on a couple of reviews, it seems my brain has stalled out on things to post about. So instead I’m going to post news from what I can see in the writer’s world.

Apex Subscription Drive:

Of course I have to shout out about this! I’m a minion and Apex publishes some wonderful stories. If you subscribe now you will get 25% off the regular sub price and have a chance to win a Nook Color Tablet! (Upgraded today!)

New owner of Lightspeed and Fantasy Magazines:

It was announced this morning that John Joseph Adams has purchased both magazines from Prime Books. He has been the editor of both publications for quite a while.  Congratulations!

Matt Staggs

Looking to learn more about publicity or trying to just get that edge?  Matt Staggs is offering his assistance FOR FREE! Yes that is right, free. From book pitches, to skype chats, to RSS feeds of articles that concern writers, he’s there to help you.

Call for Submissions

Kindle press is wanting stories about civil uprising and disobedience. UPRISING: Courage against the Machine.  see website for details.

Well, that’s about it for today  since lunch is almost over.

Check out those links. Subscribe, congratulate, contribute and submit!

Whoops just found out about this one!

Lifetime subscription to Spectral Press!


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