Annual Review – In other words, It’s my Birthday

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  You know, the day you kind of dread and anticipate at the same time.  Can you guess what it is?

I turn 37 today.  Yep, another birthday.

It seems like a lot of my creative friends like Carrie Cuinn, Jaym Gates, Kaolin Fire and others have birthdays this time of year.  I like that. It makes me feels as though I’m a part of some large cosmic late fall/early winter family who’s got a plan to turn the world on it’s ear (or at least take over the world.)

So what have I done this year?

  • Sold a total of 3 stories this year. “Rachel’s Journal” will be out next month in the In Situ anthology.  “Never to Return,” will be out next spring in the FISH anthology (both by Dagan Books.) And “The Gammi Experiment,” will be out next spring in the Space Battles anthology by Flying Pen Press. — not bad for a new(ish) writer
  • Slush reading for Dagan Books and Port Iris.  I think I’ve read about 300+ short stories total.
  • I’ve been working with Apex Book Company as a Publicist.  Still learning the ropes but it’s fun. We are trying some new things, such as online readings and live interviews.  So Stay Tuned!
  • I’m also working on a special project but I can’t say much about it yet.
  • I’ve been much  more active on my blog here (except for the past two weeks sorry)
  • My long distance sweetheart, B, has finally moved up here with me.
  • Tackling my kids need to be independent yet dependent in my household.
  • I’ve got a bucket full of short stories, some in the ether right now awaiting slush readers or editors, and others just sitting and waiting for me to turn my attention back to them.

so what’s next?

  • Write more of those short stories.
  • Dig out those novels I have under the bed and see how much work they need.
  • Send off more stories (goal of 3 a month)
  • Help the small press organizations I affiliate with reach their goals.
  • Be a good mom
  • Be a good partner to B
  • Keep my house a bit cleaner  (not bad, but could be better)
  • Lose some weight (yes means I have to leave the computer)
  • Read more novels and short stories

I don’t know if I’ll succeed in all or even most of it this year but I’m going to try.



10 responses to “Annual Review – In other words, It’s my Birthday

    • Thank you hon. I like sharing a b-day with Twain. He’s one of my favorite writers and quite a nonsensical gentleman too.


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