Simply Irresistible..

Yesterday we put up the Christmas Tree.  I had considered putting up the big tree this year, however, it would have involved much rearranging of furniture, so I put up the little tree, the one I bought last year at a second hand store.

After I located the boxes of decorations and the bag that contained the tree, I cleaned off the very large console TV and moved the router and modem over a bit. As I pulled out boxes and bags I noticed I had 2 little eyes watching me with great intent.

Olaf ran up the back of the couch as I put up silver and blue ornaments on the tree.  I knew what he was thinking: OHHHH new toys!

I made a comment to B as to how long it would be before the kitten got in trouble.

It took only about ten minutes after I was finished. He got sprayed with the water bottle for his efforts

So tonight, after my son’s Winter concert, I’m going to try to get a photo of him and the tree… before he gets wet again.


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