I feel like an official geek now

The best investment I’ve made for my writing has been this little netbook.  I bought it last year, and I’ve taken it with me to work, to meetings, to my parents, and all sorts of places. I love how portable it is, and have never had an issue with it until lately.

The netbook had the windows 7 starter edition installed on it.  After using XP I found the transition easy; just a few things that were different. Things were okay until the past few months when I noticed a slow down of my computer.  Some webpages – the graphic heavy ones- were taking up to 5 minutes to load.  My processor was maxing out the RAM frequently.  Sitting it was running at 70-85%.

I’m careful as to what and where I click on any computer. Yes mistakes happen, that’s why I regularly run my virus scans. Except for a very few things, scans have come up clean. No infections or viruses.

We still couldn’t find out why the netbook was using up 70-80% of my RAM.

Next we deleted a bunch of programs that I didn’t use or didn’t want any more.  While it dropped the RAM usage, it wasn’t much, only about 8% or so.  But it still was running anywhere from 60-80%.  Not good.

We have a good friend who is a computer guru and he poked around on it for a bit before declaring it to be a Windows issue.


install XP  or try a different operating system.

Since I didn’t have a disk or key for XP, a different OP it was.

My friend suggested Ubuntu, although he doesn’t use it.

So after a quick preview, we put the installer on a flash drive and installed it on the computer.

Now for some people, installing something besides Windows would be nothing short of a terrifying experience.  Me, not such a big deal.  I’ve worked (though briefly) on other formats.  In fact, the very first computer I worked with in high school was an Apple.  I even worked on one of the first Mac’s back then.  Once I went to college, I was introduced to IBM and windows. My previous job at the newspaper had me doing some work on a Mac along with working with windows.

So bouncing from one user interface to another wasn’t anything new, but then I’ve never worked with Linux or Ubuntu yet.

After it installed and updated I started playing.

Ubuntu is different from windows in a lot of ways but has some features that are familiar.  Program files are located in different places. That takes a bit of getting used to.

I’ve got my writing programs installed, the browser I like on it, and loads of information on the internet if I have any issues.

But as I use it more and more, I’m finding that I really like it.


One response to “I feel like an official geek now

  1. Nice story.
    Now, you know why Microsoft force the use of Windows 7 Starter on netbooks. It’s the only basic edition that can run seemingly fine and decoy the customer at first. Then the netbook hangs itself with time, as usual.
    Linux is a good pick. It just ask for a more in depth involvement but you never regret it.


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