Shaking off the dust

As I look at the last post I made, I shake my head in shame. I had been doing very well on regular posts, but over the recovery of the holiday season, something in my head broke down.

Maybe it was the tooth infection/lack of good sleep/not felling well for 2 months. (yes all better now. Had the tooth pulled, round of  antibiotics, and sleeping much better now)

Maybe it was stress.

Maybe I just needed some time to recharge.

Hopefully my batteries are still filling up, as some days it feels as though I need a full pot of coffee to get the brain cells going. (and no I don’t usually drink that much, just a cup or so)

But I’m really excited about a few things.

First, I signed up for some classes with Cat Rambo.

The first class was a critique about the first page of our manuscript.  I chose the first page of  “Where There is Water.” In just that quick bit of time, I found out a lot about what catches an editor’s eye and a lot about the manuscript itself.  I’ve got a better direction about how my next edits are going to go.  Some rearranging of scenes and firming up the POV.

The next class I’m taking is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop.  Here we will critique and comment on 1 piece of everyone’s work (throughout the 6 weeks), and do some short exercises on writing.  The story I’m working on is for the Bibliotheca Fantastica from Dagan Books. I have my opening lines, and already, the story isn’t what I first expected.  I fear-not actually-that it might be longer than I expect.

The third class I’m taking  is an editing class.  Editing is essential to publishing, and someday, I’ll probably start a small press.  I’ve done some minor editing before with Port Iris, some for Apex and some beta reads for other authors.  The first class, last Sunday, was about the “big picture” or overall storyline.  I love this sort of editing, as I’m not quite secure in my line editing skills yet. I like reading the entire thing, pointing out issues with timing, where an author could expand, and where they should cut. We will have our second class this week. I’m looking forward to it.

Another thing I’m excited about is this class is pushing me back into some bead work.  I’ve said it before, but I’ve still got a very tight budget. No wiggle room. But Cat was gracious enough to let me trade some of my other kind of work for her classes. The classes have knocked my designing eye into high gear.  After scanning some of my beading books and magazines, I decided to work on an idea that’s been in my head for a while. The base of the necklace is finished. It will probably take me a good week or more to add the fringe.  It isn’t a difficult piece, though I hope it will look complex, it is just a time consuming process of working with tiny beads. (Yes I’ll have photos soon, maybe this weekend.)

Tonight (Wednesday at 8 CST) on #Sffwrtcht we have Myke Cole and next week we have Jennifer Pelland from Apex!

Sometime within the next few days I’ve got to read my 2 stories write a brief critique on them. Write my assignment for class.  Work on my story. Write some blog posts for #Sffwrtcht. Read whatever is on my To Be Read (TBR) Pile and write reviews. And work on Publicity stuff for Apex along with Tales to Terrify!

Isn’t a writer’s life exciting?! 😀

Thanks for reading.



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