Both my boys hit a strange kind of mile stone this week.

They aren’t kids anymore.  My youngest had his first official shaving lesson last night. My oldest shaved for the first time on his own this week too. The razor isn’t going to be required every other day for a while yet, but they at least don’t look like they’ve been drinking chocolate milk. 😉

There’s been heartache and discussions this week.  Things that weren’t much of a concern a year to two ago. They aren’t adults yet, but the are much closer than I want to realize sometimes.

At times, they still view the world with childlike eyes.  Things must be “fair” on all sides.  Sadly, life isn’t fair. It’s one of the most important lessons we learn as adults.  We can all do things to make it more fair, but many of those choices are based on personal opinions. There is no straight lines between right and wrong sometimes.

They’ve got good heads on their shoulders. I’m always told how nice my boys are; how well behaved and helpful. I’m so glad that other people can see that in them. I’m glad that is the face they put to the world.

Sure, there are things they aren’t going to understand.  But if they keep an open mind, it will be less difficult to understand other people. Or at least I hope so.







2 responses to “Milestones

  1. It’s both wonderful and terrifying to see them grow up. On the one hand, you want them to be your little boys forever. On the other hand you can’t wait to see what they accomplish in this big world. You’ve gotten them this far in one piece, that makes you a success!


  2. Yep, they will be grown men in just a few more years. I can say that they are good people and the world will be a much better place with them in it.


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