There’s something about the word first that gets your attention.  From a baby’s first steps, to first birthday to first kiss, it’s an important event.  It’s something special.

So today, I’ve got a first.  Well, actually I have two.

Today, my first print short story, “The Gammi Experiment,” in Space Battles #6 is ready for enjoyment from Flying Pen Press.

Space Battles #6

My story along with 16 others gives you a glimpse into different worlds and struggles for survival.

I now completely understand it when I read about authors doing crazy dances in their home/office when they have good news.  Especially when you get a good review.

And that’s my second first of the day, my first review.

So now, I’ve got 2 more first steps out of the way.  There’s a lot more that I need to work on, more to learn, more to write. But I’m getting there.


Thanks for all of the support. 😀




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