Kicking back in gear – developmental edits on Color of Shadows

Okay so I haven’t updated in a while…. a long while.

There’s been some things going on that I won’t talk about here.  Personal things, so I’m sure you understand.  It’s kind of kicked me in the gut and deflated my sails. But as the saying goes, life goes on; and I mean to get back up on this pony.

I’ve not done much writing this year.  Only the bi-monthly submissions to Shock Totem.  I think I’ve had some decent starts and lovely feedback on some of them. They are waiting, just like the others for me to decide what to do with them.

Not sold anything either.  That kind of goes with not submitting. Yea, bad me. But over the past few months been thinking really hard on 2 things.

2 novels that is.  And the best thing?  The first drafts have already been written.

Color of Shadows is the first novel I wrote.  I completed it almost 5 years ago and it comes in at a nice 100K words.  It’s more of an epic fantasy.  It’s a world that I’ve thought about for a long long time now. The word count is about right, but as I sit here reading it at lunch I feel that the story is all wrong.

Not completely wrong mind you. Just parts.

For one, the story doesn’t start soon enough.  I’ll have to back track a bit then jump forward.  There’s some critical pieces that needs to hit the reader as soon as possible and it just isn’t in this first draft.

I’m bouncing in between first and third POV.  Much of epic fantasy is written in third, where the writer can bounce between characters to give more information, but it limits jumping into the characters head. First person will limit what the MC picks up but allows the reader to get a tight view of the character’s thoughts.  Still leaning heavily towards 3rd for now, but is an option.

I’ve got a corrupted file for 2 chapters.  Luckily I have printed copies of them, but might throw them out anyway as they are mostly fluff.

I’ve got too many supporting characters.  I love them, however a few of them barely come into play and server no particular purpose right now.  So they are probably slated to disappear from the next draft.  They may in time appear in other books so I’ll keep my notes on them.

The second novel, Dragon Masque, is my first try at Urban Fantasy.  Again it’s a world that I think about often.  A world where magic and technology exist together but don’t work well. I’m really contemplating a general timeline of our world’s history to put fragments of magic in so that the world I want to work in will at least make sense.  Magic isn’t widespread, yet it has the potential to cause certain events. 

Take the industrial revolution.  What if one of the major factors pushing this event was a slight increase in magically talented people in the world.  Instead of producing an item by hand, a mage could make a copy.  Imagine the unease of a vanilla population (people without magic) to this simple fact. 

Wars would be another example.  What if one country controlled several magical heavy hitters?  What would other nations do? 

I don’t want to disrupt the current time line much, just plug in certain events that I see have the potential for my ideas. 

And that leads to more problems.  lol  My current plan of the major story arc over the series isn’t working. In my heat at least.  The first novel isn’t bad.  It has several plot holes that I think aren’t too deep.  I’ve even got a start on the second one. But again, I’ve really got to decide on the outer world a bit first.

So that leaves me with 2 goals this year. 

Edit-revise-submit Color of Shadow

Edit-revise-submit Dragon’s Masque

and of course start taking those shorts out and reworking them into usable stories. 




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