The creative process (Beading) part 1

One of my best friends and I have a running joke. On occasion she will ask me how my day has gone and I will answer: “I think I am insane.”  She will just laugh and agree.

You see, I’m eclectic creative person. One day I’m writing, another I’m working on crochet, and the next I’m playing with beads. I never know what I’m going to work on from day to day, but if I get stuck with a project I know I always have something else to work on while the creative juices start back up.

A few months ago, I signed up for the Preciosa Beads blog exchange. They would send me some pretties in exchange for a blog post. I had crossed my fingers and signed up, expecting the seed beads I normally use, instead I received a package of their Twin beads. As I had never worked with these before I set them on my computer table so I could see them often and get some ideas.

A few weeks later I received another package; another package of Twin beads and a lovely size 6 matte striped beads (which I will be using later.)

The first package of Twins was a lovely iridescent light topaz. The second batch was a dark bronze. I set them side by side hoping for ideas.


It did take a while. I flipped through some of the patterns other people were posting and found a photo of a daisy someone had created using these beads.  In my head it was going to work.  In reality, well I got something different.

I studied the photo and felt I could reproduce it using a Ndebele (herringbone) and peyote. I dug through my stash finding all of the topaz and brown beads that matched, but there wasn’t a lot of contrast. I needed something else, another color or two to set off these lovely beads. I don’t often work in a single color palette.

I found it when I picked up a bag of transparent medium topaz mixed with a transparent dark blue. Digging back through my stash, I picked out dark transparents, mattes and iris colors. I also pulled out pearls, square beads, and crystals, not knowing exactly where my muse was taking me.  My color stash looked like this. Image

My beadwork often starts with inspiration from color.  Typically I spend a few hours looking through my stash picking through what I have, selecting and discarding as I go.

Next post will be about how the pattern progressed and why what I had in my head didn’t exactly work out the way I wanted.


5 responses to “The creative process (Beading) part 1

  1. 😛 🙂 If you knew what all goes on in my head at any one time I’m sure even you could justify it as insane. lol

    It’s not a girlie thing though. It’s a need to create something. There’s usually 3-4 projects going in my head at all times. Everything from short stories, novels, beading, crochet and now knitting. Soon I’ll be able to add torch work to the mix.

    I’ve been in a slump of late and am just now coming out of it. So there’s a lot in my head that needs to work itself out and creativity is often the way it works. Truly it’s my zen.


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